The BULEMICS – Still too young to care – CD + DVD


Porn punk

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– Année : 2007
– Etat : NEUF (sous cellophane)

Groupe : The BULEMICS (USA)
Album : Still too young to care
Label : SCAREY RECORDS (Turin, Italie)
Support : CD + DVD en boîtier cristal + livret 12 pages

Titres CD :
Drinkenstein (reprise de Sylvester STALLONE)
Make me sick
I don’t ask you for nothin’ (reprise d’ANTISEEN)
Austin strangler
Frankenstein monster (reprise de PENETRATION MOON)
Fucking bore
Crack baby
If I only had a heart
Only down for myself
Bathroom wall (reprise de FASTER PUSSYCAT)
Harlot from beyond
Make me sick
Sweet valley high
Vampire teabag
Horny for evil
Station I.D., dial « M » for murder
Die tonight
Watch the bastard fry (reprise d’ANTISEEN)
Snuff queen
Blood orgy
Plasma crazed
It ain’t easy bein’ easy
Heart of stone (reprise des ROLLING STONES)
Detention home (reprise des DEAD BOYS)
3 seconds of pleasure (reprise de SICK PLEASURE)
In the name of Satan
Cold ethyl (reprise d’Alice COOPER)
The world’s spinning faster
Goddess of wet dreams
Fat bottom girls (reprise de QUEEN)
Deep in the heart of Texas
White faces (reprise de Roky ERICKSON)

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