ULTRA 5 – Denizens of dementia



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Groupe : The ULTRA 5 (New York, USA)
Album : Denizens of dementia
Label : GREEN COOKIE RECORDS (Thessalonique, Grèce)
Support : CD en boîtier cristal + livret 12 pages

Titres :
Rock’n’roll doll
She’s the girl
Don’t know why
Lady orange peel (reprise de the ATTACK)
Bones walk
It’s a long way home
Satan’s angel
Off the hook (reprise des ROLLING STONES)
The last ride (reprise de Davie ALLAN)
House o’fun
City of fire
Cherry mash
Zero child
Mommy wants to rock
So high
For you/acoustic
Gotta be a better way
Psychedelic soul
White trash
Love for tomorrow
My only desire
For you/electric

+ 2 videos sur plage CD-ROM :
Get out of my life womann (reprise de Allen TOUSSAINT)